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Transporting tourists, sightseers and travelers in comfort and safety

in over 50 countries worldwide since 1986.

GOPO Trains Logo since 1986 Belgium Florida

GOPO Trains and People Movers
“Your Visitors are Our Passengers”


Exceptional Products. A Vast Selection of Sizes. All Available in Gasoline, Propane, Diesel or Electric.

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Replica Transportaion

gopotrains Large train white gold peoplemover

Large Trains

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Medium Trains

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Small Trains

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People Movers

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Off-Road Vehicles

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GOPO Trains was created by Luc Goemaere in 1986 in Belgium. After years of experience in agriculture machinery manufacturing Luc decided to produce trackless trains for tourist transportation.

The name GOPO was created from Goemaere Poperinge, which was the city where the company was based. The first train was rolling out the workshop on April 31, 1986 and was successfully tested on May 1st on the Flanders Mountains in Belgium.

After testing and driving by Luc himself, the real manufacturing started in October 1986.

By March 1987 3 new trains were ready for tourist transportation on the Belgium west coast. And by 1989 the first electric battery powered tram was introduced.

GOPO Is still chugging along today - Conducted by Luc himself and supported by and amazing team. Now manufacturing in Naples, Florida, USA.

gopotrains luc karen goemaere gopocars poperinge belgium florida
Luc & Karen Goemaere
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